Side wall
  • Covers the side of the racking system
  • System perforation to add additional tool holders
Trough tray
  • 2 designs: tall or short front
  • 7 widths, 5 depths
  • Top edge of trough has an integrated system strip to hold dividers
Case pull-out
  • For aluminium cases
  • One-handed operation
  • Closing mechanism with safety latch
  • Optional lock that can be fitted at a later stage
  • 1 width, 2 depths
Box compartment
  • For plastic boxes
  • 1 width, 1 depth
Door element
  • Lockable door element made of aluminium
  • Door stop can be fitted on the left or right
  • 1 width,11 heights
Shelf compartment base
  • 7 widths, 3 depths
  • Raised edges around the back and sides
  • Use with flap or shelf bracket
Shelf flap
  • Torsion-free anodised aluminium extruded profile
  • Fitted in front of floor compartments, shelf compartments and shelf compartment bases
  • Folds back completely on shelf and compartment base units
  • Trim panel made of anodised aluminium extruded profiles
  • Ergonomic, heavy-duty drawer handle with an optional lock that can be fitted at a later stage
  • Closing mechanism with safety latch
  • Full drawer pull-out with arrester when opened completely
  • Drawer runners can be divided to remove the drawer completely
  • Optional divisions and accessories: mats, dividers, compartment walls and plastic bin sets
Support frames
  • Heavy-duty aluminium design
  • Standardised system perforation allows components to be fitted
  • 21 heights, 5 depths