ALUCA Lightweight mobile storage systems

Professional van-racking systems made in Germany

Welcome to ALUCA Lightweight Mobile Storage Systems. Years of experience, expert knowledge, craftsmanship and passion – these are the ingredients which go into all our vehicle racking systems. More than 65,000 systems installed in vehicles in nearly 30 years send a clear message in the language of quality. We are confident of the quality of our vehicle fittings and give an eight-year premium warranty – a genuine first in the industry!

Plus points for ALUCA:

  • Many years of experience and industry know-how
  • More than 65,000 vehicle installations in nearly 30 years
  • Expert advice and planning
  • Installation by certified professionals
  • TÜV-certified and GS-tested quality
  • Eight-year premium warranty
Certified by many premium vehicle manufacturers

Vehicle interiors for different sectors of industry

An ALUCA system made of aluminium will prove to be very robust, resistant, hard-wearing and yet lightweight, and will bring order to your van, station wagon or pickup. We know from many years of experience that every industry has its own specific requirements when it comes to storage space and stowage in the vehicle. It stands to reason that a vet will need a different interior design from a painter or the no less sophisticated fittings suitable for a carpenter.

ALUCA stands for versatility and continuity:

  • ALUCA “accommodates the requirements“
  • Custom-built interior fittings for cars, station wagons, pickups and vans
  • Intelligent pull-out systems
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Thereby fewer days off sick
  • More time on the job

Order in the vehicle – saves time and money

Nothing is more annoying than having to hunt for a tool or a spare part for ages when you have arrived on site. A clever use of space, precision design and custom-built fittings in your vehicle will save you time and money and help you leave a professional impression on your customers. ALUCA systems cater to your needs, safely accommodating your valuable tools, equipment, spare parts, small components and general paraphernalia where they are all readily to hand. Insist on the quality supplied by a professional in mobile systems – ALUCA.

ALUCA stands for perfect order:

  • No long searches
  • More time for the job in hand
  • Clear organisation
  • No more running out of stock
  • Steady work rhythm
  • Professional impression on the customer
  • High level of customer satisfaction leading to repeat business
ALUCA steht für Ordnung:

Aluminium as a basis for high-quality facilities

With nearly 30 years of experience in the business, we can say to the best of our knowledge and belief that “there is no better material for vehicle interiors than aluminium”. The hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant, virtually maintenance-free and lightweight metal can be processed with ease and, most importantly, with precision. So the durable vehicle fittings produced in our Rosengarten near Schwäbisch Hall plant are of the highest quality and are tailored exactly to the needs of your company. The three aspects to which we attach the greatest importance during planning and production are order, practicality and safety.

ALUCA stands for aluminium:

  • Hard-wearing
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Easy to work with
  • Ideal for particularly tricky requirements (custom fittings)
  • Low unladen weight for maximum loading capacity
  • Reduced fuel consumption

Only those who understand the requirements – can offer perfect solutions

We know what is important in the various sectors of industry and what demands are placed on storage space. When it comes to fitting out a station wagon, the storage space requirements of a vet will be entirely different from those of a goods lift service engineer or a plumber. So the various components required by our customers, such as boxes, shelves and drawers, are designed to their individual specifications and assembled into built-in modules.

ALUCA stands for close customer relations:

  • Understanding of customer requirements
  • Needs analysis and design right through to realisation
  • Wide variety of possible applications due to modular design
  • Ability to customise fittings and cater for special requests
  • Extensive range of accessories
ALUCA steht für Kundennähe:

Bespoke vehicle fittings – impressive and original

Our vehicle modules and panels are available in 29 heights, five depths and eight widths. Over 1,000 accessories are available to enhance the interior fittings and functions in order to scale new heights and “drill” down to depths never before reached. Side panels with hooks for tools, load restraints, underfloor systems, boxes, shelves and compartments for small parts all make for speedy action and systematic work for the customer on site.

ALUCA stands for individuality:

  • Modules and panels in a wide variety of heights, depths and widths
  • Clever pull-out systems, drawers, shelves and compartments
  • Side panels with hooks and fixtures
  • Underfloor systems, boxes and compartments for small parts
  • Designs perfected for the most popular car models
  • Custom fittings for other vehicles also possible

Safety is the top priority for ALUCA

Safety on the road is our top priority for our customers. One aspect of safety is that the items carried in the vehicle stay firmly in place when the brake is applied. Not only has System ALUCA passed crash impact tests but the technical inspection agency TÜV Nord has also tested our system for safety and quality and has awarded the GS mark as a seal of approval of both standards. We also have quality management and environmental management systems in place which are certified as conforming to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 respectively.

ALUCA stands for quality:

  • In-house quality control
  • Thorough final inspection before delivery
  • Tested by TÜV Nord
  • Approved to bear GS mark
  • Certified as conforming to ISO 9001
  • “Made in Germany” quality credentials


The ideal solution for every vehicle

We have created a product portfolio with different model ranges in order to provide a clear illustration of vehicle interiors for different sectors of industry. Take a look for starters at the classic – the System ALUCA. Simply arrange the ALUCA building blocks as required in the hold and create order in the vehicle. The components are sufficiently flexible to be used in a variety of ways and come in a timeless and elegant design. Perhaps you are looking for modules for small vans like the popular Volkswagen Caddy because you want to replace large vans with compact commercial vehicles? In this case, the ALUCA dimension2 underfloor system can be used to supplement the System ALUCA and offers maximum loading capacity with minimum unladen weight.

ALUCA stands for efficient work and freedom from fatigue:

  • Different model ranges for specific applications
  • Modular system offering scope for
  • Individual requirements
  • Underfloor system for optimum utilisation of space
  • Easy access even to bulky items
  • Frequently required tools and spare parts readily to hand

Quickly ready for use

Prefabricated and ready-to-install “modules” are available for you under the heading of the same name. Short delivery times and fast assembly are among the advantages of ready-to-install modules. Our ALUCA Easy-Box Series, which can be integrated perfectly in the System ALUCA and ALUCA dimension2, has proved to be equally advantageous, with its clear layout putting paid to long searches or the annoyance of discovering that stocks have run out. The cargo hold fittings also form part of our product portfolio, with various components like the side panels and floor panels helping to protect the bodywork and preserve the value of your vehicle. The accessories are included in our product range so that you can perfect every last detail and make a professional impression on your customers.

ALUCA stands for on-time delivery and value retention:

  • Prefabricated modules
  • Fast delivery to installation partners or customers
  • Easy-to-assemble design
  • Extensive range of fittings for installation
  • Smooth and safe installation in any commercial vehicle
  • Components available to protect the vehicle bodywork
  • Service life of commercial vehicles prolonged and value maintained

From planning to implementation – Made in Germany

The “Made in Germany” seal of quality enjoys an enviable reputation worldwide. And we at ALUCA are doing what we can in the lightweight mobile fixtures and vehicle fittings sector to make sure that this remains the case. This starts right back at the planning stage when we use the 3D configurator to illustrate your wishes. Perhaps you are looking for fittings for the Fiat Ducato L1H1, one of the most popular commercial vehicles for bulky items of the kind needed for sanitary installations. Our high levels of quality apply not only to standard modules but also to purpose-built units, such as heavy-duty pull-outs, special drawers, custom-fit containers, made-to-measure trays and special holders and brackets for materials and tools required by specific customers.

ALUCA stands for optimum function:

  • Emphasis on practicality in the planning phase
  • Analysis of requirements with the customer
  • Integration of specific wishes
  • Simulation with 3D configurator
  • Before/after analysis of the fully equipped “demo vehicle”

An exemplary interplay of people, means and methods

Clearly structured processes, a highly motivated team and continuous improvements are conducive to smooth production processes – a prerequisite for our adherence to delivery schedules which we regard as a key aspect of our commitment to top quality standards. The vehicle racking units leave our factory in Rosengarten near Schwäbisch Hall and are delivered on time to you or to the installation partner where they can demonstrate their full potential and show off their strengths in a Volkswagen Caddy, for example, or a Renault Kangoo station wagon. We turn the “Made in Germany” rhetoric into action, as demonstrated by our eight-year premium warranty – unique in the vehicle racking system industry!

ALUCA steht für intelligente Produktion:

ALUCA stands for intelligent production:

  • Smooth-running production processes
  • Continuous improvements
  • Meeting of minds with customers and installation partners
  • Highly motivated team
  • Absolute punctuality
  • Commitment to top “Made in Germany” quality standards

Built-in vehicle racks made of aluminium

A picture famously says more than a thousand words. This is particularly true of our built-in vehicle shelving units made of aluminium. This is why our website features many examples and illustrations of possible designs and optimum storage solutions in vehicles. As you can see, System ALUCA lends itself to large-volume shelving systems. Our customers are always pleasantly surprised how little the van or station wagon weighs after the units have been installed and are constantly amazed that the gross vehicle weight is not exceeded. This is due to the lightweight aluminium shelves which are also easy to install. And the beauty of this interior shelving is the total flexibility it provides. Both your job situation and the product range can change at any time but with the built-in shelf modules you can easily adapt the space to the changed conditions. This also applies to the clever underfloor drawers in the ALUCA dimension2 range in which all the tools and materials can be clearly organised and kept ready to hand at an ergonomic working height. ALUCA – intelligent storage solutions for commercial vehicles.

These are all plus points for ALUCA!