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ALUCA at the IAA 2018

ALUCA at the IAA. This is know-how, skill, passion and 100% aluminium – and has been for 25 years. This is the ALUCA promise. A promise kept by almost 150 employees who put their heart and soul into designing a bespoke vehicle interior from each idea and then breathe life into it. Only the best quality fittings are installed in vehicles in our company. Because we are proud of our craft. So proud that we offer an 8-year guarantee. Not only is this an unrivalled sign of commitment in our industry but it is also a clear indication of our conviction – that our vehicle interiors are beyond compare.

A van-racking system made by ALUCA has always been robust, resistant, hard-wearing and, most importantly, lightweight. The bigger it is, the more loading capacity can be gained. For more cargo or simply for lower consumption and less wear. Nowadays, however, the focus is on neatness and order in the vehicle because this makes a professional impression on the customer. A tidy vehicle is also conducive to efficient working processes, helping to save time and prevent wastage and also optimising the use of space and weight.

ALUCA van-racking solutions can now be found in almost all types of vehicle made by all manufacturers and in almost all sectors. There are virtually no limits to the versatility of System ALUCA and dimension2. True to the motto “if you can design it, we can build it” – which can also be found as a little reminder on the login screen of our 3D product configurator.

25 years of tradition and craftsmanship

ALUCA will be 25 in December. This is a cause for celebration so we are inviting everyone to mark the occasion of our 25th birthday with ALUCA at the IAA in Hanover – and to join us on a little journey through time. Because naturally there are one or two things to hear about ALUCA from 25 years of existence. And above all things to see. Because the best way to explain System ALUCA is not to talk about it at all but to show it in action. In fact, System ALUCA did not actually exist 25 years ago. In the beginning there was the Alu M and the Alu V. This is where it all started. And these are also the roots of System ALUCA. The dimension2 system was added in 2012 and since then the product range has been consistently expanded to include additional components for optimum use of space, load restraints and additional services relating to mobile workstations for our partners and customers.

Leap forward to IAA 2018

The IAA is always about showcasing what you have. In this case, old and new. We are, of course, still keeping the new things under wraps at this point.

Visit us at the IAA and get information and inspiration about ALUCA, whether for your own vehicle or for your fleet. We can grant “almost” every wish. Just the other day a customer asked for a waterbed in a van – that was one request we had to pass up on.

The IAA will be in Hanover from 20 – 27 September 2018.

ALUCA at the IAA: we will be in Hall 13 at Stand C57.

See you in Hanover then!

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