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ALUCA & Land Rover Work Together on their Second Tour

ALUCA called upon once again for custom made equipment in the Land Rover Experience Tour escort vehicle. This year, the off-road tour is heading to Peru. In the bigger boot of the new Discovery there is a combination of ALUCA dimension2 large-capacity drawers, an ALUCA drawer block for small parts, as well as several toolboxes for mobile maintenance work.

LET 2017

LET Tour Organiser supported by ALUCA again

ALUCA has already been involved in a Land Rover Experience Tour. In 2015, an all-wheel drive truck was chosen as a supply vehicle and equipped with the ALUCA lightweight racking system.[nbsp] “Unfortunately, the truck’s size and weight means it can’t be used as an escort vehicle for the tour to Peru, as the route often leads through narrow and unpredictable terrain”, explains Marvin Verheyden, Lead Instructor of the LET Tour.

Verheyden, who has planned out the route in advance, added, “The Truck’s equipment will be reduced and shared out amongst the other participating vehicles. The spare parts and my service tools need to be easily accessible in the event of any damage, so we converted my Discovery into a flexible service vehicle with an ALUCA in-vehicle solution.” Aside from up to three burst tyres per vehicle, the organiser is not expecting any large technical failures. Nevertheless, the team will be equipped with a wide range of spare parts in the event of any driving errors and possible repercussions.

The new Discovery offers space for XXL ALUCA dimension2 drawers

The virtually flat surface of the folded-down second and third rows of seats in the new Discovery form the ideal platform for the ALUCA service racking system, which is mounted on a reinforced floor panel.

The XXL-drawers are the longest ALUCA has to offer. These drawers perfectly fill the space between the tailgate and the first row of seats and provide access to all tools and spare parts.

There is space for further fittings on the robust cover plate of the dimension2 drawers. Thanks to numerous lashing rails, tension belts, a load restraint net and an ALUCA Boxx system, the loading plan can be customised and adapted during the tour. Spare parts, tyres, special tools, rescue material, emergency or first aid equipment: everything can be stored flexibly as needed. For example, brake pads, filters, air filters, lamps or spare mirrors can be securely stored in a small drawer block.

Both vehicle and racking system will be put through extreme stresses on the forthcoming 3600[nbsp]km round trip. Around 75% of the tour is off-road. The route goes through deserts, over dunes, along narrow mountain roads with mud or scree, along jungle trails, even straight through rivers and over mountain passes up to 4,720 m high.

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