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At the IAA 2018: Breakdown recovery vehicle with ALUCA safety equipment – and teddy bear

A breakdown on the main road let alone on the motorway can have fatal consequences – including for the roadside assistants. We also fit out breakdown vehicles with professional storage systems so that repairs can be carried out quickly and safely. A VW Caddy Maxi with a second row of seats is an example of one such vehicle which we have kitted out on the instructions of VW. The “Silver Angel” will be on display at the IAA 2018 at the VW booth in Hall 12.

Teddy in the Caddy: look between the tools, spare parts and safety equipment and you will see a cuddly teddy bear riding in the breakdown vehicle on standby for the important job of comforting children. A great idea from the Dutch police!

And you really must take a look at this very special vehicle because it has many exciting custom features. A breakdown recovery vehicle must meet very strict requirements in order to guarantee safety at all times. The roadside assistants should always work on the right-hand side, for example, standing between both vehicles and the crash barrier, so it must be easy for them to access their tools and materials from this side and put them back. The space in the Caddy Maxi is very limited because of the second row of seats (which may need to accommodate the people who have broken down), especially since a partition had to be installed to protect the passengers.

Tetris for professionals

Thirdly, the breakdown recovery vehicle has to carry every single tool required. Heavy objects must be placed at the bottom and at the front while light objects should be at the back and at the top. Items which are needed frequently must be easily accessible whereas equipment which is used less often can be placed inside the vehicle. So no different from a well-organised builder’s van.

These requirements would drive even professional Tetris players to despair but we pulled together and met the specifications – with a combination of the ALUCA dimension2 system and the heavy-duty base drawer unit.

In the event of a breakdown, every second counts – so it’s good that perfect order prevails in the spacious drawers.

dimension2: from luggage to three-ton jack

The Caddy Maxi is fitted with a dimension2 frame with a depth of 1140 mm and two drawers which are 250 mm and 100 mm high. This unit also features a three-ton service jack which is used specifically for light commercial vehicles and is fixed in place by a retaining device developed for this purpose. For heavier vehicles there is even a 20-ton jack on board. The whole unit is designed to keep things in order. The drawers hold all the tools, such as the set of socket spanners, combination wrench, etc., in a custom-designed shadow board.

The three-ton jack is suitable for cars and light commercial vehicles. There is another jack on board for heavy vehicles weighing up to 20 tons.

This unit also accommodates spare parts and has space for the luggage of stranded passengers so that everything can be stored and transported safely in the vehicle. There are four flush-mounted lashing rails in the floor to hold the load securely in place. Petrol and diesel cans are also safely stowed away – ready to help forgetful drivers who have run out of fuel to get up and running again.

Safety first

The freely configurable heavy-duty drawer unit makes optimum use of the right-hand side of the Caddy Maxi and wastes no space. The fully extendable heavy-duty frame can bear loads of up to 280 kg – enough to hold even heavy equipment.

Fire extinguishers, signal flags, hazard warning triangles and the like ensure vital safety, especially in the event of breakdowns on the motorway.

The VW is also equipped with everything which is urgently needed in a danger zone, however, with space for traffic cones, hazard warning triangles, safety flags, and fire extinguishers for acute emergencies. The breakdown vehicle itself also comes with a special clear glass signal system which adds to the modern look of the vehicle. This warning strip not only serves as the mandatory amber light system but also uses powerful alley lights to illuminate the working area at the sides of the vehicle so that work can proceed safely even at dusk and in the dark and so that it can be seen in time by oncoming vehicles. There is an additional 12V universal power supply so that the roadside assistants can also connect a mobile spotlight.

The Caddy Maxi complete with ALUCA fittings can be admired at the VW booth in Hall 12 at the IAA 2018. The friendly staff at the booth will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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