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New ALUCA products at the IAA: touching strictly allowed!

Look, touch and talk the talk: ALUCA will be showcasing many new products for our storage systems and vehicle fittings in Hall 13 at Stand C57 at the IAA 2018.

Square, practical and flexible: KIM 4×4 range of locking ratchets

The new KIM 4×4 family secures loads of various sizes and weight classes. The changeover process is flexible and possible without any tools.

As the new KIM 4×4 line of locking ratchets joins our range, we welcome an extremely flexible load securing system on board. The four-sided and multi-purpose locking ratchets are as light as a feather and have added versatility thanks to their telescopic function – but can still easily withstand loads of up to 450 daN (decanewton). The ergonomic operating lever makes quick work of installation and conversion – without any tools whatsoever. Several KIMs can be combined to form a load restraint system for transportation and can therefore also be used in small pickup trucks and panel vans.

The lightweight KIM locking rods are particularly ideal for vehicles which often transport different types of cargo.

There are four members of the KIM 4×4 family. The KIM 4×4 is the basic model and is used in fixed lengths from 640 to 2520 mm. KIM 4×4 Airline has the same fixed length but also has a rail profile to accommodate airline rails at right angles. The KIM 4×4 Profi is particularly flexible because, with its telescopic travel of 500 mm, it can secure loads of many different dimensions. The last member of the quartet is the KIM 4×4 Airline Profi which combines the variable length of the Profi with the Airline slide-in profiles.

The name KIM 4×4 may be reminiscent of all-terrain vehicles but it is called KIM 4×4 because it comes in four versions, each with four sides. The Airline Profi model is shown here.

Both smart and useful in equal measure is the patent-pending load indicator which shows you at a glance how many daN the current bar combination can support. Please note: the addition to the family does not replace any of the existing KIM models but extends the ALUCA portfolio. We will be demonstrating the new KIMs in action at the IAA in a Mercedes-Benz Vito.

The new KIM 4×4 family provides the flexibility to separate cargo into different zones.

Good news – and not only for the Vito: our new panel width

The new panel width of 827.5 mm joins the existing seven widths in the System ALUCA just in time for the IAA. The new width of 827.5 mm is exactly midway between the existing widths of 705 and 950 mm. The newcomer will solve a problem found in certain vehicles with sliding doors, such as the Vito. In cases where you want to use fittings from the outside, the panel width of 950 mm is too long because the drawers can no longer be opened from the outside. And 705 mm panels are too narrow because they waste too much of your valuable storage space.

But the new 827.5 mm panels bridge the gap and fit elegantly into the ALUCA combination template to arrive at the complete panel width of 1440 mm. This makes them ideal for vehicles with sliding doors which are about 900 mm wide. And, of course, the new panel will have the same components as its big brother, the 950 mm. So there will be no arguments!

Hands-on vehicle fittings

If you want to aim high, you will be needing ladders. But where do they put these long pieces of equipment? In cooperation with Prime Design, we will be presenting a VW Crafter which we have fitted out for door manufacturer EFAFLEX. The crowning glory on the Crafter is a clever ladder lift which not only makes light work of the loading and unloading process but also holds the ladders securely in place. A lift like this can withstand loads of up to 55 kg – and takes the strain off the back, allowing strength to be conserved for all the other strenuous jobs. Pipes and other long items can also be transported on the roof in a handy tube.

Easy on the back: ladders weighing up to 55 kg can be easily lifted on and off during loading and unloading.

ALUCA will be using an Opel Vivaro L1H1 at the IAA to demonstrate how a typical working van can already benefit from the basic fittings. The simple shelving system with classic trays and a turned block, mounted on a base plate, keeps everything in order on board for optimum cost efficiency and professionalism. And the same goes for the roof in that there is a roof box mounted on the Vivaro which fixes ladders securely in place with Safe Clamps. There is also a tube designed to hold pipes and other long items.

And for our final act at the IAA, we will be showing a piece of equipment which is really strong: the MAD EasyLoad can lift batteries weighing up to 500 kg into the vehicle from the outside for maintenance or repair. Safety is paramount and the integrated workbench has therefore been extended to include a tray to collect any acid which may leak out. And the in-vehicle system is rounded off by a laboratory power supply and charging unit as well as plenty of storage space for tools, measuring equipment, spare parts and small parts.

Strong and silent type: the MAD EasyLoad crane can lift batteries weighing up to 500 kg into the vehicle where they can be serviced and repaired.

There are also some new practical accessories and modules to try out, such as the completely redesigned heavy-duty drawer unit and a universal tool holder which has space for your shovels, pickaxes or other tools.

All the new products and demonstration vehicles will be on display throughout the IAA at the ALUCA booth C57 in Hall 13. The friendly staff at the booth will be happy to answer any questions you may have – and will pounce at the opportunity to talk about the products!

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