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The way to a perfect vehicle racking system – Part 4

Final acceptance, quality control and safety

By this time our ALUCA storage systems have been through quite a lot, having been punched and laser-cut, edged and bent, riveted and screwed together. Now they are looking forward to getting inside the customer’s vehicle – and taking on their first real assignment!

All line up for the final inspection: before we send our products to the ALUCA partners, they have to attend the final acceptance.

But wait: before they go into the wide world, they still have to pass the final inspection and quality control. They will also be joined by all sorts of useful companions on the way. We place anti-slip mats in the shelf bases and drawers, for example, to keep the contents from suffering whiplash. With divider and compartment sets also included, our customers, or the ALUCA partners who install the equipment for our customers, can divide the containers as required. Electrical components, side panelling, floor panels and any accessories, such as cases, electronic devices or a refrigerator, are also coming for the journey.

Headcount! First our order pickers check that all the ordered parts are present and correct.

Our order pickers check all the assembled parts, referring back to the order to make sure that the system is complete. At the same time, our quality controllers conduct tests to see that everything is working as it should: do the drawers and doors close easily and properly, and is the opening and closing action of the heavy-duty drawer nice and smooth? Only when the vehicle system is complete, fully tested and shipshape is it securely packed for its journey – and off it goes!

The next stop is quality control and acceptance testing: does this drawer also close nice and softly?

Rust? What rust?

The high quality of ALUCA products results in long-lasting storage systems. There is very little you need to do to prolong its life: aluminium does not rust, even when bolted, and is generally extremely easy to look after and requires little maintenance. And because we work so carefully and to such high standards, you automatically get an eight-year warranty on our ALUCA systems ex works – longer than on systems made by any other specialist!

Accessories, like the small handy screwdriver holder, often travel with you

With ALUCA you and your cargo are always safe on the road because things will stay in place if you slam the brakes on or if you have to swerve to avoid an obstacle. The safety of our systems is also paramount in an accident, as they have proved in passing crash impact tests. They have been tested for safety and quality by the technical inspection agency TÜV Nord – and duly granted permission to bear the GS mark. We also have quality management and environmental management systems in place which are certified as conforming to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 respectively.

Only when an ALUCA system has passed all the checks is it allowed out into the wide world.

This concludes our excursion behind the scenes at ALUCA. We hope you enjoyed the journey – if you would like to see ALUCA live and in colour then visit us at the IAA in Hanover any time from tomorrow until 27 September. You will find us in Hall 13 at Stand C57. We look forward to meeting you!

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