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IAA 2018: Vehicle racking system for Mercedes-Benz Vito

Our IAA demonstration vehicle is ready and waiting for you!

Still in the buff: our demo Vito in front of the unit.

Still naked now but it will be ready to take to the stage on Thursday. We have taken a completely normal Vito and kitted it out beautifully for all to see at the IAA. It will be sharing the spotlight with many big and small stars from the full ALUCA range. The selection may be a bit over the top and not entirely realistic for a classic working van – but we are talking here about a vehicle fitted out for a trade fair presentation so a little touch of glamour will not be out of place!

An example of System ALUCA is perched on each side of the vehicle. The shelf and door can be seen at the rear on the partition along with a modified gas cylinder shelf.

Basically, the interior is fitted out with one System ALUCA on each side while a dimension2 frame is installed by the partition wall and sliding door. This forms the base for a heavy-duty drawer with capacity to bear up to 200 kg in weight. We have also mounted a shelf with door above this on the partition side. So as to make everything quickly accessible from the sliding door, one unit of the right-hand System ALUCA is turned so that the drawers and the cabinet door can be easily opened from the outside without having to climb into the vehicle every time.

Totally spaced out: our 1440 mm drawer

This was the body shell, so to speak: System ALUCA with a section of the drawer unit. The drawer with handle boasts a width of 1440 mm – a world record in the discipline of vehicle fittings!

Of course, the systems installed in the Vito are just two examples of very many variants. There is our XXL 1440 drawer, for example, which at almost one and a half metres wide can really pack it away – and incidentally holds the world record as the widest interior fitting for a vehicle. The three 460 drawers mounted above it demonstrate that it is also possible to go a bit narrower and make up for it with the height.

Installation of the 200 kg heavy-duty drawer unit which we also affectionately call the SLBA.

This is exactly where the strengths of System ALUCA lie: when planning the fittings in your vehicle, you have countless components to choose from and we put together exactly what you want in your vehicle. The great flexibility which comes with 23 heights, five depths and seven panel widths leaves nothing to be desired.

A place for fittings

But back to the demo Vito, which is a little annoyed right now because our attention has been diverted and it still has so much to show us. There is the turntable vice, for example, which you can pull out on the right-hand side of the rear door – and there you have your mobile workbench! On the left-hand side, next to the drawers, there are a few S-BOXXes which are handy for small items like screws, valves and fittings. Then there are also our spacious M-BOXXes, T-BOXXes and the popular ALUCA aluminium cases which are already waiting to hold your tools, materials and sandwiches for you.

Hammering away! Our inserts for the various BOXX systems keep small parts tidy and clearly arranged.

Moving over to the side panels, you will notice lots of little helpers which you can hook in and slot into the holes wherever you need them, such as our drawing compartments which calmly take care of the paperwork. Or the tried and tested holders for hoses, cans, tools and cartridges. Talking of cartridges, we have even thought of extra holes for the tips which are known to like to inject a bit of fun into the day and go missing.

Rechte Fahrzeugseite, von oben nach unten: Safebar (Quertraverse mit halbrunder Zurrschiene) zur Ladungssicherung, doppelte Bodenklappe, noch eine Safebar, dann auf der rechten Hälfte 460er Feldbreite mit drei Koffertablars, in denen ein hoher und ein niedriger ALUCA ALU-Koffer untergebracht sind, darüber eine Kofferablage mit L-Boxx. Davor eine KIM-Sperrstange, ebenfalls zur Ladungssicherung. Rechts die ausziehbare Werkbank mit Drehteller-Schraubstock, darüber der Kartuschenhalter.

The left-hand System ALUCA with drawers, S-BOXXes and long goods tray at the top.

Here is the finished SLBA, above it the shelf with door, in the foreground two drawing compartments, big enough for a narrow Leitz lever arch file to go in. If it wants to.

Out on the pull! The vice can be pulled out to become a mobile workbench.

The unit is turned so the drawers can easily be reached from the sliding door.

We would like to tell you more but our demo Vito is tooting the horn impatiently because it wants to go to Hanover. And there you can admire it in person at the ALUCA booth: C57 in Hall 13. It is looking forward to meeting you – and so are we!

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