Revolutionary use of space

ALUCA dimension2

The ALUCA dimension2 underfloor system gives you another complete layer of storage. It works genuine miracles, creating space in large and small commercial vehicles.

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The classic

System ALUCA

Whether mobile workshop or mobile storeroom, System ALUCA is a modular system with a wide range of possibilities, allowing you to customize the interior of your vehicle.

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Entry-level products

Ready-made modules

Our pre-configured and ready-to-install modules for quick thinkers have proved to be successful and reliable for customers from a wide and diverse range of industries.

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Saves vehicle and wallet

Cargo area equipment

Floor panels, side wall cladding and load restraints – not only do these features protect the vehicle body but they also increase the resale value of your vehicle.

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For better accessibility

ALUCA Box System

ALUCA boxes are used as the storage system for ALUCA dimension2 and System ALUCA. Tools and equipment can be safely stored and always ready to hand.

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The Icing on the cake

ALUCA accessories

Whether brackets, electrical fittings, ventilation and much more, ALUCA accessories are also on hand to add the final touches to guarantee order, practicality and safety.

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