ALUCA dimension2

Demand for compact city runabouts is increasing. Increasing traffic, a lack of parking space in town centres and cost pressures can lead to large trucks being replaced by more compact commercial vehicles. The smaller the cargo space, the more flexible and efficient the in-vehicle racking system has to be. The underfloor system ALUCA dimension2 offers a range of options to meet these demands and brings order and ergonomics to the compact vehicle class.

The underfloor drawers in the ALUCA dimension2 system enable solutions to be tailored to individual needs to suit every purpose. ALUCA dimension2 is also a great choice for camping trips and expeditions.


  • The entire cargo area can be fully utilised.
  • ALUCA dimension2 keeps everything in perfect order in drawers which can be divided as required and which can be opened at the rear or side. This allows for ergonomic loading and unloading of the drawers outside the vehicle.
  • ALUCA dimension2 is the perfect addition to System ALUCA. For you this means maximum loading capacity with minimum unladen weight, including in the compact class.
  • ALUCA dimension2 can be perfectly complimented with ALUCA accessories. The resulting personalised solution will meet your every need.
ALUCA dimension2

ALUCA dimension2 specifications

  • 4 panel widths8 depths and 6 drawer heights
  • Drawers with heavy-duty rails and fully extendible in most cases
  • Drawer distribution load of up to 80 kg
  • Drawer dividers and inserts for variable compartment sizes
  • With ergonomic central lock and double-sided safety catch
  • Divisible runner for removal of drawer
  • Top panel distribution load of up to 700 kg
  • Anti-trap protection available for units with front height of 150 mm or above for improved safety

ALUCA dimension2 is suitable for a wide variety of vehicle types.
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