The big plus for your fleet management

Here at ALUCA we think about every kilogram which could be shed from your fleet. We develop and produce lightweight
aluminium in-vehicle systems to help you gain loading capacity and save costs.


Benefits for fleet managers

  • Assessment of specific demands and planning
  • Coordination of services (including PDI)
  • Customised solutions and special-purpose units
  • Installation of mobile power supply
  • Installation of electronic accessories
  • Retrofitting of optional extras
  • Vehicle registration service
  • Vehicle wrapping and reflector strips
  • Vehicle transfer by driving or forwarding
  • Wheel and tyre service

Good to know


possible combinations with System ALUCA. The wide selection of widths, heights and depths allow optimum utilisation of the loading space.


kilometres on the road or more are not uncommon for our products. Our vehicle racking systems are build to cover several vehicle cycles.


kilometres were covered without any problems in the Dakar Rally by a vehicle fitted out with an ALUCA in-vehicle system.

Brochures & Instructions

Downloads for fleet managers

Fleet Solutions,
pdf, 4.7 MB

ALUCA Main Catalogue

ALUCA Main Catalogue 2019/2020, pdf, 17.1 MB