ALUCA warranty conditions

1. Subject to the following warranty conditions, ALUCA GmbH guarantees the final customer (hereinafter “customer”) that products (hereinafter “products”) supplied to the customer after 1 July 2016 will be free from material and/or manufacturing defects for a period of eight (8) years from the time of delivery (warranty period) provided they meet the conditions below. ALUCA GmbH will remedy proven defects at its own discretion, either by repair or supply of new or fully overhauled parts.

The warranty covers the following products:

  • Aluminium equipment modules and accessories (ALUCA system)
  • ALUCA dimension2 underfloor system
  • ALUCA heavy-duty drawers produced in-house
  • ALUCA aluminium pannier system
  • Aluminium side wall cladding
  • Aluminium safety dividers
  • Foldable workbench
  • Table and workbench tops in combination with a module/item of equipment
  • ALUCA special components in aluminium
  • Drawers incl. handles and closing cylinder
  • Aluminium drawer divider systems
  • Pull-out drawers if factory-fitted

The warranty does not cover:

  • All electro-technical devices such as inverters, multi-way terminal blocks, batteries, pow-er packs, lights, electrical accessories,
  • Items attached to or on the vehicle (e.g. roof racks, ladder lifts, treads),
  • Plastic accessories (e.g. anti-slip mats, BOXXes, cases and boxes, divider material), glass, all seals,
  • Equipment modules and spare parts for the AluM and AluV series,
  • Installation in the vehicle, including mounting and consumable materials,
  • Floor and cover plates,
  • Parts developed and installed specially for the customer,
  • Equipment used in a vehicle but not firmly attached to the vehicle,
  • Xetto and MAD EAsyLoad loading aids,
  • Visual changes, blemishes, scratches, discolorations (incl. caused by UV light and frost), rust, mould and other changes that do not have a major effect on reliability,
  • product faults traceable to exposure of the product to external influences (e.g. chemicals, salt, smoke, dirt and other contamination, electro-chemical reactions from improper use of water) unless resistance to these is guaranteed by ALUCA GmbH,
  • product faults attributable to exposure of the product to force majeure (storm, lightning strike, hail, fire, power failure, accident, flood, snow damage, avalanches, frost, earth-quake, cyclone, volcanic eruption, landslide, insect plagues and other animal influences), accident, lack of care, repairs to vehicle, vandalism or theft.

2. Other claims by the customer against ALUCA GmbH, especially claims for damage, are excluded from the warranty to the extent permitted by law; the warranty cannot be extended. However, the contractual and legal rights of the customer against the particular vendor are not affected by this warranty.

3. Claims under this warranty only exist if:

  • the product does not exhibit any damage or wear caused by use different from the normal purpose and specifications of ALUCA GmbH, the specifications for maximum load-ing of individual equipment elements in particular must be followed (see load safety sticker) under,
  • the product has not been modified, changed or enhanced without authorization,
  • the product has been installed and firmly attached to the vehicle by ALUCA GmbH or by an authorised ALUCA partner in accordance with ALUCA’s installation instructions,
  • only accessories approved by ALUCA GmbH have been fitted to the product,
  • the ALUCA GmbH warranty seal on the product has not been removed or rendered illegible,
  • when asserting the warranty, the customer demonstrates that the product has been serviced regularly within the intervals specified in the installation manual and maintenance instructions (the installation manual can be downloaded from
  • the product has been used in vehicles in normal road traffic (long-term use off road as an underground vehicle, in war zones or deserts are expressly excluded from this definition).

4. Claims under this guarantee require that the customer contacts ALUCA GmbH in writing by letter or under the e-mail In order to enable ALUCA GmbH to carry out a fault analysis within a period of thirty (30) working days, the customer shall send a photo of the guarantee seal and a description of the reason for the complaint.

The guarantee seal can be found on the ALUCA system product in the upper left corner of the left side panel or on the outer left side of the top left drawer.

On the ALUCA dimension2 product, the guarantee seal can be found on the outside left of the top bottom drawer.

After checking, ALUCA GmbH will inform whether a guarantee case exists and in which way the processing will take place. Costs for unsolicited product submissions will be borne by the customer.

ALUCA GmbH decides whether the product must be handed over or sent in to ALUCA GmbH or an installation partner or ALUCA partner named by ALUCA GmbH in order to assert the guarantee claim.

5. This warranty is subject to the condition of proof of purchase of the product as described above. This also applies to proof of resale to a legal successor in the product. This warranty is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany to the exclusion of the UN Sales Convention (CISG).

Date: October 2021